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Towing Companies Boise, Idaho

Nestled in the southwestern part of the state, Boise is the capital of Idaho and home to just under 500,000 people. The cities surrounding the capital in this metropolitan area, known as Treasure Valley, sees many travelers on its vast highways and city streets. Many people travel through this part of the state to get to these bigger cities or for easier access to the vast wilderness that Idaho has to offer. 


Whether you are traveling along these highways and streets for business or pleasure, you may run into circumstances that require a towing service. Roads and vehicles can be unpredictable, and having an understanding of the towing companies in this area can help ensure that you are prepared in unpredictable circumstances. You may simply just need to know that there are reliable towing services available for you or your company to make sure that everyone makes it to where they need to be. Or you may need access to the right equipment to get vehicles moved as necessary. Sunkiss towing is determined in providing excellent service when these situations arise and will confidently assist you with as little disruption to your day as possible.  

What Areas Do We Cover for Towing Services? 

If you are traveling for either work or fun, there is a good chance that you are covering a lot of ground in the Idaho area. Your tow truck services would need to be inclusive to whatever your specific needs are. Sunkiss towing offers a wide range of abilities when it comes to towing capabilities. For this particular East Idaho area, we offer services that include:

  • Towing to and from Boise
  • Towing from within Boise
  • We can travel as far south as Salt Lake City, Utah
  • We also cover cities of Blackfoot, Shelly, Idaho Falls, Rigby, Dubois, Rexburg, St. Anthony, Ashton, Island Park, and Swan Valley 

WreckMaster Certified

We are a full service towing company that prides ourselves on quality and excellence in every aspect of the job. In order to ensure a high quality level of performance within the company, we have gone through the WreckMaster training program. This hands-on experience and certification provides expert training from instructors around the world to make us the safest and most efficient towing team that we can be. This exceptional program teaches a number of skills, abilities, and powerful education that makes this service remarkable. This program fosters skills such as:

  • Awareness of road dangers to ensure safety
  • A deeper understanding of the towing equipment we use
  • Helps to build a strong confidence in the tow truck drivers
  • Reduces the likelihood of damage claims 

This esteemed certification sets this company apart from the rest in their determination, quality training and high skill level. There are no short-cuts in the towing business; being WreckMaster certified has ensured that every process will be handled as an expert with a strong foundation of professional training. 

Difference Between Light and Heavy Towing 

Light and heavy towing refers to how much weight a specific truck could carry or haul. In specific towing circumstances, the weight, the distance, and the services needed for a vehicle are all factors in determining if you will need a light-duty or a heavy-duty truck to assist you. Light-duty trucks handle your more conventional towing needs such as towing small vehicles, assisting in an accident or collision in traffic, and towing away vehicles that have been abandoned. Light-duty trucks are easier to operate but they do not have the specialized tools needed for the more complex projects like heavy-duty trucks have. If any of these situations describes your circumstance, then a light-duty truck is the one for you. 


On the other hand, heavy-duty trucks handle more of the bigger, commercial vehicle side of things. The main vehicles that the heavy-duty trucks will tow are vehicles such as garbage trucks, construction equipment, dump trucks, and various construction equipment. Due to the size and weight of the heavy-duty trucks, it allows for them to be able to tow larger vehicles fairly easily and quickly. These trucks also have more advanced equipment to be able to accomplish bigger towing tasks and handle other situations that could arise on the road. Unlike the light-duty trucks, these trucks require experienced and advanced drivers to operate them. There are specific techniques in driving and towing with these vehicles so it is important to have specialized training before operating them. 

What is Heavy Recovery?

When there has been a rollover or a vehicle has slid off the road due to weather conditions, driving too fast, or an accident - heavy recovery is the process of recovering these vehicles with specialized equipment. Heavy recovery is usually utilized when it is larger vehicles that need to be recovered, such as trucks or buses. Because these larger vehicles have more momentum, they are more prone to fly further off the road. Other smaller vehicles can get stuck as well, especially when traveling on rocky and unpaved roads. With these unstandard roads, many towing companies will insist that you use heavy recovery towing to help get your vehicle to safety. Fortunately, Sunkiss has all the equipment necessary to assist in these situations. 

About Sunkiss Towing 

The family-owned business of Sunkiss towing proudly serves East Idaho and its surrounding areas with unmatched towing experience and expert qualifications. In addition to being WreckMaster certified, our team is also certified with LnS Recovery, ATTSA Flagging, and American Towman certifications. These programs are designed to help us be confident and prepared, no matter what the situation is, to assist you in the best way possible. Our office is located in Idaho Falls and our services especially cover Interstate-15, Highway 26 and Highway 20. We value all our customers and our goal is to ensure that we are able to help you in your time of need. We have the equipment, the knowledge, and the training to take care of any of your needs and we hope you look to us to help handle any situation that you need taken care of.